2017 Award Winner | My Soul Belongs to You by C.L. Hunter


2017 Award Winner | My Soul Belongs to You by C.L. Hunter

by Feb 23, 2018Book Awards

The Loss of All Lost Things

From the busy city life of Dublin, Ireland to the quiet little town of Hilton Head, South Carolina, two lives are pulled together by tragedy and something more?call it fate, call it faeries.

After giving up a daughter for adoption at sixteen, KATLYN REYNOLDS has built a successful advertising company to keep her mind busy and her heart safe. But this pain from her past has made Kate a use ?em and leave ?em kind of girl, bypassing love and commitment to protect herself. And this system has worked?

?until she meets DEACON O?MALLERY, a sweet, sexy, striving Irish businessman. Deacon is known as a jammy, a lucky bastard. As second in command at the largest intel company in Europe, he has the world by the balls, leaving the orphaned boy who grew up with nothing?and everyone else?behind. Then Katlyn Reynolds walks into his life and he?s smitten. Kate is his mait? Sol, his soul mate; he just knows it; even his wanker can?t stop thinking about her. And, for the first time, after hearing Kate?s story of brutality and loss, he wants to find his birth mother, the woman who abandoned him.

Kate?s feelings for Deacon are confusing. She cares enough to reveal her past, but insists he find love somewhere else.

Now this stubborn bloke has two missions: to find his mother and to make the girl across the ocean stand by his side forever. ?dh m?r ort, Kate! Good luck, he thinks. She?s going to need it to fight him off, for he has more than good looks, charm, tenacity, and money on his side. Deacon has Thomas and Calista: spirits he unwittingly beckons into his life.

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FAPA Gold Award

Silver Medalist? | Romance


C.L. Hunter

C.L. Hunter

National Award Winner Adult Fiction Romance

C.L. Hunter started writing poetry as a young girl. Her grandparents owned newspapers in Arkansas: the?McCrory Leader?and the?Augusta Advocate.?She?d send her poems to them. In return they?d print them in the weekly newspaper and send the clippings back to her. That started her love for writing.

She attended Arkansas State, studying business, but started a family early having three children. Hunter considers herself a Floridian, having lived in Saint Augustine since the age of seven. She loves the beach and hot, humid weather?the hotter the better. She is an?avid gardener, loving every type of flower God created. You?ll find flowers in all her books. She also loves boating and anything that has to do with the water. When she?s not writing, she?s a design consultant for a custom homebuilder in Jacksonville, Florida.

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