2020 FAPA President’s Book Award Contest Finalists

We are proud to announce the 2020 FAPA President’s Book Award contest finalists! Our thanks to the many librarians and publishing professions who served as judges this year and to the incredibly talented authors who submitted their books. 

Normally, the finalists gather at our awards banquet to receive their gold, silver, or bronze medals in front of friends and family, authors and publishers, and other peers attending the conference. The cancelation of FAPAcon2020, however, has given FAPA some challenges on how to best celebrate the winners this year. We are diligently working on some alternatives to recognize the deserving medalists and will be making announcements soon! Stay tuned.

And the Finalists are…

Categories and FINALISTS List FAPA Book Awards

Authors Listed Alphabetically

1) Adult Fiction – General         

  • Marina Brown  – The Orphan of Pitigliano  
  • Julie Carpenter – Things Get Weird in Whistlestop
  • Donna Meredith – Buried Seeds: a novel 

2) Adult Fiction – Historical   

  • David C. Edmonds – Flamenco in the Time of Moonshine and Mobsters
  • K.I. Knight – Fate & Freedom Book III – On Troubled Shores               
  • Robert N. Macomber – Honoring the Enemy: A Captain Peter Wake Novel

3) Adult Fiction – Mystery/Suspense  

  • Donald Steven Collins – While Everyone Was Sleeping
  • George Encizo – Murder on Grange Road 
  • Owen Parr – The Abduction of Patient Zero

4) Adult – Thriller/Horror    

  • David C. Edmonds – Flamenco in the Time of Moonshine and Mobsters
  • Susan Klaus – Wolf in the Crosshairs                           
  • Mitty Walters – Breaking Destiny    

5) Adult Fiction – Romance    

  • Kerryn Reid – Anna’s Refuge: Wrackwater Bridge, Book One
  • Isabella Berdyna Zysk – The Venturous Tales: A Collection                    
  • Judith Erwin – The Studio

6) Adult Fiction – SciFi    

  • Bruce Ballister – Room For Tomorrow 
  • Cate Bronson – Clonedroid: The New Wave
  • E.S. Martell – Pirates of the Asteroids             

7) Adult Fiction – Fantasy    

  • Louis K Lowy – The Second Life of Eddie Coyne  
  • A.J. Park – War’s Ending 
  • Tim Westover – The Winter Sisters: A Novel 

8) Young Adult – Fiction   

  • Michael Benzehabe – Persianality
  • M J Gaylor – The Seventh Trail; Journey to Chayah
  • A.J. Park – War’s Ending  

9) Young Adult – Non-Fiction       

  • Miriam M. Brysk & Joanne D. Gilbert –   A Victory for Miriam 
  • Bibi LeBlanc –   Berlin Divided – Berlin United

10) Children – Education

  • Mark Wayne Adams – Stick Horse Derby
  • Haley Rose – Tap Tap Swish! Otter Counts the Band
  • Amy M. O’Quinn – Nikola Tesla for Kids  

11) Children – General

  • Sherrill S. Cannon – David’s ADHD
  • Rhonda Goodall – Frizzle’s Holiday Treasures 
  • Rhonda Goodall – Frizzle’s Rainbow in the Clouds

12) Children – Coming of Age  

  • M. W. Adams – G’Day: Aints 

13. Children – Sci-Fi / Fantasy

  • Fred Gray – Cloud Kingdom

14. Tween

  • Sandra Golden – Adventure to Destiny, book one in the Unity Objective Series

15. Children – Grades 4-6                            

  • Eileen Boucher – Santa and Jesus
  • Susan Koehler – Dahlia in Bloom
  • Sarah Frank – Two Secrets

16. Children – Grades K – 3rd   

  • Daniel Liebowitz – See Time 
  • Eddie Price – Little Miss Grubby Toes Falls into the Pool!
  • Anne Michelle Lawrence – Black Bear Dreams

17. Children – Picture Book  

  • Edward Ritts – Rosie’s Rescue: Rosie the Roseate Spoonbill 
  • Haley Rose – The Ruffington Dog Show 
  • Amy Sweezey – It Never, Ever Snows in Florida 

18. Children – Preschool

  • Haley Rose – The Ruffington Dog Show

19. Non-Fiction General  

  • Robert W. Lucas – Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Vacation
  • Elizabeth Randall – An Ocklawha River Odyssey
  • Ainissa Ramirez  – The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter transformed One Another

20. Bio / Autobiography / Memoir

  • Deborah Burggraaf – Miss Deacon and the Tale of William
  • Charles J. Palmeri – Boy Soldier: Recollections of World War II   
  • Jerrell Grimes – Black Boys Don’t Speak 

21. Cookbook/Home & Garden

  • Nancy J. Cohen – Bad Hair Day Cookbook
  • Jim Lee – Seafood Legends  

22. Coffee Table Book

  • Michael Callahan – The Musso & Frank Grill 

23. Business  

  • Deb Boelkes – Heartfelt Leadership: How to Capture the Top Spot and Keep on Soaring  
  • Deb Boelkes – The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture   
  • Samuel R. Staley – The Beatles and Economics: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and the Making of a Cultural Revolution 

24. How-To / Self-Help  

  • Deborah Burggraaf – Miss Deacon and the Tale of William
  • Brian Sheffey – Practical Genealogy: 50 Simple Steps to Research Your Diverse Family History  
  • David Wind –   The Indie Writer’s Handbook 

25. Poetry    

  • Katie Clark – Acceptance of Seasons 
  • Allison Joseph – Confessions of Barefaced Woman
  • Cristina Querrer – By Astrolabes & Constellations  

26. Inspirational

  • Deborah Burggraaf – Miss Deacon and the Tale of William
  • Dr. Carol Kennedy – Bite-Size Chocolate for the Soul – A Devotional with Conversation Starters

27. Religion / Spirituality  

  • Pamela Christian – Prepare for the Harvest! Confidence in God’s End-Time Promises 
  • Dr. Carol Kennedy – Bite-Size Chocolate for the Soul – A Devotional with Conversation Starters
  • Deborah L. Meyer – Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide to Purposeful Living

28. Fitness/Sports/Recreation

  • Elizabeth Randall – An Ocklawha River Odyssey
  • Lawrence Boettcher- Secrets of a Wisconsin Hall of Fame Trapper – Trapping for Fun & Profit 

29. Health

  • Bruce Ballister – Welcome to the Zipper Club 

30. Humor – NO Entries

31. Political/Current Events

  • George R. Dekle Sr. – Six Capsules: The Gilded Age Murder of Helen Potts

32. Reference

  • Arlene Miller – To Comma or Not to Comma: The Best Little Punctuation Book Ever!
  • Eugen Spivak – PMO Governance
  • Michael D. Toth & David A. Sousa – The Power of Student Teams: Achieving Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Learning in Every Classroom Through Academic Teaming

33. Cover Design – Adult  

  • Norma Beasley – Living Inside Out
  • Jim Lee – Seafood Legends
  • J. E. Mooney – The Siren of Good Intentions

34. Cover Design – Young Adult – NO AWARD GIVEN

35. Cover Design – Juvenile

  • Lucy Forsting – The Adventures of Miss Twiggs and Company
  • Lee Ching Kai – The Red Eyes
  • Haley Rose – The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Kind

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