A.I. Chatbots Are Evolving the Author Platform

Jun 5, 2017 | Publishing Industry

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See a summary of some of the latest research into publishing industry trends from FAPA member John Fleming on the Digital Book World Expert Publishing Blog which was published on June 5, 2017.


Over the past five years, the strength of the platform that authors and publishers use to connect with and engage their audience has become one of the critical factors in the commercial success of their books. Today we are seeing the evolution of the author platform to include chatbots, a conversational interface to the web that employs artificial intelligence (A. I.) to engage with consumers. Here are the topics covered in the article:

  • Current Author Platforms: Connecting With Audiences Via The Conventional Web
  • A New Communication Model: Chatbots
  • Have You Have Already Interacted With A Chatbot?
  • The Conversational Web
  • Early Experiments: Successes And Failures

In the publishing industry, you are starting to see some brands experiment. HarperCollins launched its “BookGenie” book recommendation bot on its Facebook page earlier this year. Riffle is using a combination of chatbots, big data and human recommendations to drive book discovery.  Bam Mobile launched Authorbot which is being used by Pan Macmillian.

We are still in the early days, but it is not too hard to envision a platform that will enable authors and publishers to replicate the conversations you had with the bookstore owner or librarian when you were searching for your next read.

Read the entire article on Digital Book World

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