FAPA President's Book Awards

Recognizing book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production

2018 Medalist Announcements in Process

Each year, the FAPA President’s Book Awards program recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production for North American authors and publishers. Librarians, book industry professionals, and educators from Florida and other states will judge content, theme, layout, and cover design elements.

FAPA awards gold, silver, and bronze medals to finalists in each category. Winners are announced by email and listed on the FAPA website in early July. All category winners receive their medal, a digital certificate, and 10 medal decals at the FAPA President’s Book Awards Banquet. FAPA issues a press release announcing the winners that can be sent to the media and used on an author’s website, blog, and on social media.

For 2018, eligible books could be entered in forty-three categories.  There were also two separate cover design categories.  Please see the 2018 Submission Guidelines below.  The final submission deadline was May 28, 2018.

Judging is currently underway.   The categories are being announced as judging for each is finalized.

On Saturday, August 4, 2018, the 2018 medalist will be honored at the FAPA President’s Book Awards Banquet.  All category winners receive their medal, a digital certificate, and 10 medal decals. Please join us in honoring this year’s winners.

“Winning FAPA’s 2017 President’s gold medal award in Adult Fiction for my novel, Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars, was an incredible honor that presented an amazing marketing opportunity in book reviews, print, radio and TV media exposure and author events of all types. The glossy medal identified my book as a winner and validated what I had felt ever since I wrote the words ‘The End;’ this book was special. I was now and forevermore, an award winning author.”
T.L. Williams

FAPA 2017 Adult Fiction Gold Medalist, Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars

2018 Nomination Guidelines

  • Author or publisher must reside in North America.
  • Books must be published between January 2017 and May 2018.
  • Books/eBooks must have a valid ISBN number, and include the year published within the book.
  • eBooks may have an ASIN in lieu of ISBN.
  • FAPA membership is not required for entry.
  • Previous award winning titles of FAPA President’s Book Awards may not be re-entered.
  • FAPA board members are able to enter books in the awards competition.

“Not only does the FAPA award bring confidence to the reader that they will be purchasing something already vetted and praised, but it gives confidence to the author as well—knowing that talented, professional writers have thoroughly appraised one’s work and believe in its value.”

Marina Brown

FAPA 2017 Gold Medalist, Lisbeth


1. Adult Fiction: General

2. Adult Fiction: Chic Lit

3. Adult Fiction: Contemporary/Literary

4. Adult Fiction: Historical

5. Adult Fiction: Horror

6. Adult Fiction: Mystery

7. Adult Fiction: Romance

8. Adult Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

9. Adult Fiction: Suspense/Thriller

10. Autobiography/Memoir

11. Biography

12. Business

13. Children’s Picture Book (Age 0-7)

14.Children’s Chapter Book (age 5-9)

15. Coffee Table Book

16. Cookbook

17. Education

18. Adult eBook

19. Children’s eBook

20. Fiction: Christian

21. Fiction: Juvenile (Age 7-12)

22. Fiction: Young Adult

23. YA: Romance/Coming of Age/New Adult

24. YA: Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

25. Florida: Children’s Picture Book (Age 0-7)

26. Florida: Adult Fiction

27. Florida: Juvenile (Age 7-12)

28. Florida: Adult Non-Fiction

29. Florida: Young Adult (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

30. Graphic Novel

31. How-To/Self-Help

32. Health & Fitness

33. Home & Garden

34. Humor

35. Non-Fiction: Adult

36. Non-Fiction: Children’s

37. Non-Fiction: Young Adult

38. Poetry Book

39. Political/Current Events

40. Reference

41. Religion

42. Sports & Recreation

43. Short Fiction (Including Short Stories)

44. Cover Design: Small Format (6” x 9” and Smaller)

45. Cover Design: Larger Format (Larger than 6” x 9”)

“Since receiving a gold medal in the 2017 FAPA Awards for Fifo Musical Animals ABC, I have been approached by both an agent and a traditional publisher.” Hayley Rose

2017 Gold Medalist, Fifo Musical Animals ABC

“Entering the FAPA President’s Book Award was one of the best things I could have done for my book. I had no idea when I entered the contest, the honor that would come with winning. I even wore my medals home on the plane.” Nancy Sprowell Geise

FAPA 2016 Autobiography/Memoir and Biography Winner, Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story

… a juried book award lends a certain prestige and legitimacy to a title. Given a choice between a best-seller campaign and a book award, I’d choose the award any day!” Tara Alemany

FAPA 2015 How to / Self-Help Winner, The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books

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