FAPA President's Book Awards

Recognizing book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production

Each year the Florida Authors and Publishers Association sponsors the FAPA President’s Book Awards, which recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production for North American authors and publishers. Books by North American authors or publishers in 45 categories may be nominated.  Librarians, book industry professionals, and educators judge content, theme, layout, and cover design elements. FAPA awards one Gold Medal, up to two Silver Medals, and one Bronze Medal in each category.

Nominations for the 2017 FAPA Book Awards closed in June.  Our team of judges has been reviewing the entries and we will be notifying the authors and publishers who have been selected for medals as the judges complete each category over the next few weeks. The finalists by category will also be announced in our News and Updates and will be posted on this page as well.

The finalists will know they qualified for a 2017 FAPA Book Award, but we will not announce which books earned a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal until the FAPA President’s Book Awards Banquet that will be held Saturday evening, August 5, 2017, after the close of the FAPA Annual Conference.  We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting industry event.

2017 FAPA President's Book Awards Banquet

Saturday August 5th at 7 PM
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2017 Medalists

We are announcing the 2017 medalists as our judges complete each category.  Please check back here or our latest News and Updates as we make announcements over the next week.

1. Adult Fiction-General

Zero Day by Terrence Williams

The Last Up: A curious tale about the future of sales by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

Parade of Horribles by Rhett DeVane

Let the Dead Bury the Dead by Joan King


2. Adult Fiction-Genre: Chic Lit

Silver Threads by Betty Lee Crosby

Confessions of an Assassin by Linda Heavner Gerald

Honey Tree Farm - For the Love of the Beekeeper’s Daughter by Brenda Spalding

Lottie Loser by Dana Brown


3. Adult Fiction-Genre: Contemporary/Literary

Understanding the Alacrán by Jonathan LaPoma

The Promise of Cedar Key by Rick Robinson

Lisbeth by Marina Brown



4. Adult Fiction-Genre: Historical

The Prince of Glencurragh by Nancy Blanton

Apalachicola Gold by Michael Kinnett

Murder on the Mullet Express by Gwen Mayo

OCOEE!, a novel by Myra Kinnie & Gail Waxman

Apalachicola Pearl by Michael Kinnett

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Betty Lee Crosby

5. Adult Fiction-Genre: Horror

Shadows and Teeth, Volume Two by Antonio Simon, Jr.


6. Adult Fiction-Genre: Mystery

Garage Sale Riddle by Suzi Weinert

Archidamus by Janet Shawgo

November’s Past by A. E. Howe

Fahrenheit 1600 by Jerry Weber

The Tell-Tale Treasure by Diane Sawyer

7. Adult Fiction-Genre: Romance

My Soul Belongs to You by C.L. Hunter

Bloodline by Lynn Braxton

The Far Haven Treasury by Aleksandra Layland

Dog Days by T A Moore

Hanging the Stars by Rhys Ford


8. Adult Fiction-Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

To Dream by Louis K Lowy

Burning Through Their Eye by Eugene Knight

The Wisdom and Valor Treasury by Aleksandra Layland

Ink and Shadows by Rhys Ford


9. Adult Fiction-Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Goldhead by Jaeme Haviland

Legacy by Marci Giebels

The Tell-Tale Treasure by Diane Sawyer

Kubrick’s Game by Derek Taylor Kent

The Necessary Deaths by David C Dawson

10. Autobiography/Memoir

Misadventures of a Happy Heart by Amy Quincy

Undertow by Charlene Edge

A Royal Love Revealed by Corrine Sharpe

Raising David Again by M A Appleby

Finding Heaven in the Dark by William Ingram

The 143rd in Iraq by Marc Youngquist

Injecting Change by Bridget Long

The Step by Martha Lemasters


11. Biography


Suppressed I Rise by Captain Hank Bracker

To Take a Righteous Stand by Reverend Jimmie Perry

God Gave Us Wings by Connie Rankin

The Legendary Florida A & M University Marching Band, The History Of The Hundred by Curtis Inabinett, Jr

13. Children’s Picture Book Age 0-7

Fifo Musical Animals ABC by Hayley Rose

Corinne’s Fin by Dayle Dabney

LIZZIE and LOU SEAL by Patricia Keeler

Flip Flop Goes Home by S.J. Mortimer

Figley’s Search for the Perfect Pet by Suzanne Cotsakos

Bully Billy is Back! The Burrowing Owls Are Worried by Dolores Burton


14. Children’s Chapter Books Age 5-9

Grandpa and the Rainbow Fish by Darryl Goode

A Hand Truck Named Dolly by Kay Whitehouse

Dolly Becomes a Scout by Kay Whitehouse

Picture Perfect by G. Stern

15. Coffee Table Book

The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles by Nic Stoltzfus

16. Cookbooks


No medals awarded in this category for 2017

17. Cover Design-small format (6 x 9 and smaller)

DOWN UNDER: KUSSINS by Mark Wayne Adams


The 143rd in Iraq by Marc Youngquist

Fate & Freedom Book II - The Turning Tides by K I Knight

20. eBook: Adult

Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars by Terrence Williams

Broken Justice, Blind Love by Rena Koontz

You’ll Come to Me by Tina Nichols


21. eBook: Children

One Hot Mess, A Child’s Environmental Fable by Jeanne Rogers

22. Fiction: Christian

Pay for My Sin by Iryna Combs

Final Departure: Death is never on time by Jeff Walton

The Prince’s Psalm by Eric Shaw Quinn

The Red Ledger by Doug Dorsey

23. Fiction: Juvenile Age 7-12

The Transmalians by Medhaa Banaji

The Grimbies of Agowadi by Vicki Shankwitz

Fly on the Wall Series: Pilgrims by Linda Smigaj

The Kingdom of the Lizards by Katrina Kusa

Pankyland 2: The Movie by John Hope


24. Fiction: Young Adult

Down Under: Kussins by Mark Wayne Adams

Silencing Sharks by John Hope

The Flames by Kyle Prue

Ocoee! A Novel by Myra Kinnie & Gail Waxman

25. Fiction: Young Adult-Romance/Coming of Age/New Adult

Fjord Blue by Nina Rossing

Unassimilated by Michael Benzehabe

Ethan by Ryan Loveless

Turn the World Upside Down by Nyrae Dawn

The Anchor Clankers by Renee Garrison


26. Young Adult-Paranormal/Sci-fi/Fantasy

Inland by Stacey Horan

The Flames by Kyle Prue

The Songbird Thief by Skye Allen


27. Florida: Children Picture Book Age 0-7

The Lovebug Connection by Deborah Burggraaf

Goodnight Gecko by Megan Pitts

God’s Gift by Lee Ann Mancini

28. Florida: Fiction Books for Adults

Apalachicola Pearl by Michael Kinnett

November’s Past by A. E. Howe

Death at Windover by Jay Heavner

Ocoee! A novel by Myra Kinnie & Gail Waxman

29. Florida: Juvenile Age 7-12

Olivia Brophie and Aristotle’s Lantern by Christopher Tozier

The Kingdom of the Lizards by Katrina Kusa

30. Florida:  Nonfiction Books for Adults

The Republic of East Florida by Bran Brooks

Fixing Boo Boo by Pat Stanford

Murder in St. Augustine; the mysterious death of Athalia Ponsell by Lindsley Elizabeth Randall

The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through The Christian Afterlife by David Solomon

31. Florida: Young Adult books (both fiction & nonfiction)

The Flames by Kyle Prue

The Anchor Clankers by Renee Garrison

Ocoee!, a novel by Myra Kinnie and Gail Waxman

32. Graphic Novel

Heavy Sketches Among Worldly Distractions by Red Rohl


35. Home & Garden


No medals awarded in this category for 2017

36. Humor

It Only Gets Funnier by John Lucarell

Bad Day For Baby Duck: storybook edition by Marlaena Shannon

BEAUTY FOR ASHES: Mourning to Morning  by Dr. Ruth Baskerville

38. Nonfiction: Children’s

Groundhogs Across America by Barbara Birenbaum

39. Nonfiction: Young Adult

The Untold Story: Preparation For Life After A Sports Career by Robert Hogg Jr

Suppressed I Rise by Captain Hank Bracker

40. Poetry Book

Haiku for an Artist by Elizabeth Williams


41. Political/Current Events

Unsafe On Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We can Do About It by Samuel Staley

Suppressed I Rise by Captain Hank Bracker

44. Sports & Recreation

The Untold Story: Preparation For Life After A Sports Career by Robert Hogg Jr

45. Short Fiction-including short stories

Let Me Tell You A Story by Rita Henuber

Bad Day for Baby Duck by Marlaena Shannon

The Pelican Beakon by Robert Neff


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