FAPA President's Book Awards For 2022

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2022 Book Awards Medalists

We are proud to announce the 2022 FAPA President’s Book Award medalists! Our thanks, again, to the many librarians and publishing professions who served as judges this year and to the incredibly talented authors who submitted their books.

Our Medalists Are…

Adult Fiction – General

A Boundless PlacePamela Stockwell

Thoughts and Prayers – Lee Anne Post

When I Last Saw You – Bette Lee Crosby

    Adult Fiction – Historical

    • Journey To Eden -John York
    • The Devil’s Bookkeepers Book 3: The Noose Closes – Mark Newhouse
    • The Fault Between US – Bette Lee Crosby

    Adult Fiction – Mystery/Suspense

    • December of the Dark Sun – John Chaplick
    • Mister Manners -L. C. Bruce
    • Scattered Legacy – Marlene Bell

    Adult Fiction – Thriller/Horror

    • Phantom of the Beach – David L. Maurer
    • Tales from the Eerie Canal: 22 Stories of the Delightfully Dark and Creepy – Barbara Rein
    • The Archer’s Thread – Noel Zamot

    Adult Fiction – Romance

    • GLISSANDO: A story of love, lust and jazz – Debbie Burke
    • The Ansgar Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection – Aleksandra Layland

    Adult Fiction – SciFi

    • All Things in Time – Eric Martell
    • Hall of Skulls – Jamie Eubanks
    • The Betrayal: Book 1 of 3 in the Blue Lotus Project – Doug Dorsey

    Adult Fiction – Fantasy

    • Animal Lab – Bob Zeildman
    • The Book of Shadow – Bruce Blake
    • The Unintended Traveler – Richard Wayne Johnson 

    Adult Fiction – Anthology/Collection

    • Liberty Terrace – Madeleine D’Arcy
    • When Women Danced With Trees – Maria Brown
    • Wraiths in the Cloisters: Nine Dark Tales for Sunny Days – John Prince

    Adult – Non-Fiction General

    • Florida’s Rivers: A Celebration of Over 40 of the Sunshine State’s Dynamic Waterways – Doug Alderson
    • Pirates of the Florida Coast – Robert Jacob
    • Stoves & Suitcases: Searching for Home in the World’s Kitchens – Cynthia Bertelsen

    Young Adult – Fiction

    • Blight’s Requiem – Kari P.H.
    • Vacations for the Young and Adventurous – Wiliam Schepens

    Young Adult – Non-Fiction

    • What Is Coronavirus? How It Infects, How It Spreads, and How to Stay Safe – Sabbithry Persad

    Young Adult – SciFi/Fantasy

    • Zilcemi’s Healer, Fire’s Mistress – Rebekah Aman

    Children – General

    • SPARKY’S RESCUE: A Place to Call Home – Deborah Burggraaf
    • The Golden Rule Coloring Book – Sherrill Cannon

    Middle Grades 6-8

    • My Family Secret: The Holocaust – Mark Newhouse
    • Nobody Kills Uncle Buster and Gets Away  With It  – Susan Koehler
    • The Adventures of Surf Dude: The Dog of Ochlockonee Bay – Zelle Andrews

    Children – Grades 3-5

    • Adeline in a Gymnastics Jam – Martha Louise
    • Harry Saves Wreck – Robert Ernst
    • Nel Adora And The Swamp Witch – Emily R. Baker

    Children – Grades K-2

    • Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!3 (An Underwater Adventure) – Jayne Rose-Vallee
    • Martin the Mouse in a Haunted House – Richard Ballo
    • The Little Girl Who Lost Her Sleep – Victoria Ashton

    Children – Picture Book

    • Success – Ruthie Godfrey
    • Twas the Night Before Christmas…A First for Gus – Sherry Roberts
    • The Little Monster – Sheri Fink

    Adult Education 

    • Pirates of the Florida Coast – Robert Jacob
    • Things That Keep Me Up At Night – Marie McKenzie
    • Trusting Your Child’s Teachers: At Times You May Disagree – Susan Fay Ryan


    • Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream – Natasha Miller
    • Slue Foot: A Black girl grows up in Midwest America – Margaret Edwards
    • We The Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century – Ronald Gruner

    Cookbook/Home & Garden

    • Meatballs & Lefse: Memories and Recipes from a Scandinavian-American Farming Life– Cynthia Bertelsen

    Coffee Table Book

    • Explore & Color San Francisco Chinatown – Bibi LeBlanc
    • Florida’s Rivers: A Celebration of Over 40 of the Sunshine State’s Dynamic Waterways – Doug Alderson
    • Pirates of the Florida Coast – Robert Jacob


    • Master Your Exit Plan: Sell Your Business, Preserve Your Legacy – Chris Vanderzyden
    • Practical Sustainability: Circular Commerce, Smarter Spaces, and Happier Humans – Corey Glickman and Jeff Kavanaugh
    • The #PACE Process for Early Career Success – Mark Zides
    • Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership? – Deb Boelkes

    How To/Self Help

    • Badass Advocate: Becoming The Champion Your Seriously Ill Loved One Deserves – Erin Galyean
    • Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream – Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D.


    • Ask The Wind – Mahnaz Badihian
    • Sojourners – Andrew Jarvis
    • The Places That Hold – John Davis Jr.


    • Chasing Rabbits – Rodolfo Del Toro
    • Faith Unshaken – Mary Ann Weakley
    • Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream – Natasha Miller


    • Rise and Shine: Reclaiming our Rightful Place – Ann Marie Acacio
    • Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus – Jonathan Geoffrey Dean


    • A Short Walk on a Long Trail: A Couple’s Sauntering on the Vermont Long Trail – Jane Blanchard


    • Grief 50 Questions and Answers – Richard Ballo
    • Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy for a Healthy Heart – Bryant Lusk
    • Stroke and Aphasia Recovery: Metaphors Help Us Mend – Thomas G. Broussard, Jr


    • The Florida Motel – Jay Gilbert

    Political/Current Events

    • America in Crisis: Essays on the Failed Presidency of Donald J. Trump – Marsha Shearer
    • Eternal Vigilance: Guarding Against the Predatory State – Ralph L. Bayrer
    • The East River Ripper: The Mysterious 1891 Murder of Old Shakespeare – George Dekle


    • Self-Editing for the Successful Pre-Law Student – Elizabeth Coursen

    Cover Design – Adult

    • The End of Dreams – Bruce Graham
    • Pirates of the Florida Coast – Robert Jacob

    Cover Design – Juvenile 

    • Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!3 (An Underwater Adventure) – Jayne Rose-Vallee
    • Malcolm Gets An Invitation – Valerie Crowe
    • The Little Monster – Sheri Fink

    Children’s’ Book Illustration

    • Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!3 (An Underwater Adventure) – Jayne Rose-Vallee
    • Lulu the Beaver – Bethany Gano
    • Malcolm Gets An Invitation – Valerie Crowe

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