CreateSpace and KDP Becoming One Service

Aug 29, 2018Publishing Industry

If you missed the announcement from Amazon this week or are waiting to for Createspace to notify you, here is some information about the CreateSpace service closing and being replaced by KDP. This move?has been anticipated by many in the publishing industry for quite some time. While it is being positioned as a merger of the two services, you will need to migrate to KDP if you use CreateSpace to produce your books.

Amazon?has published an overview to help you if you decide to migrate to KDP.? This includes information on steps to do before you move, how to actually migrate, what to do after you migrate, and an FAQ.? The link to this information is here:


What is your reaction to this?? How will it impact your business? Are you planning to migrate to KDP or considering other options? Do you have questions or concerns if you are migrating? If you have migrated already, do you have any observations or tips to share?? ?Please visit the FAPA Member Forum on Facebook to join the discussion and learn from other members!

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