DL Havlin Releases Escaping Skeletons

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On May 10, 2019

DL Havlin Releases Escaping Skeletons

May 10, 2019Member Updates

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FAPA member and FAPA Book Awards medalist, DL Havlin, recently released Escaping Skeletons, the second book of the Chrissie Partin, Archeologist adventures series. The ?rst was The Bait Man.

Ever hear of Operation Paperclip? Our heroine, Chessie Partin, had not. She soon found that its unintended consequences would threaten her life and many of her associates. Before it became the CIA, the United States? clandestine service was the OSS or Office of Strategic Services. It was a desperate organization born in WW II?s desperate times. One desperate plan was the highly secret operation called, ?Paperclip.? It was concocted to beat the Soviets in the race to grab as many German scientists as possible at the end of the war. Mistakes made to expedite this operation were carefully hidden but did, and still do, haunt the US government.Chessie, her boss, and a team of archaeologists and scientists are selected by the US State Department to go to Argentina. They meet a similar Argentinian team to examine a location they?re told has multiple sites to excavate. What they believe is to be a dig exploring the Guarani Indians? past, turns out to be the excavation of a transplanted Nazi compound. From the beginning, it?s apparent there are those who don?t want them in Misiones Province when the plane they were scheduled to fly on is blown up. The danger rises as Chessie and her crew, begin unearthing 70-year-old dirty laundry. Accompany her as she narrowly escapes death and unearths secrets NO one is supposed to know.

Available at Amazon and other leading retailers.

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