Facing Criticism

Angelina Assanti

Facing Criticism

Jan 6, 2018Publishing Industry

Everyone faces criticism. Understanding that it is bound to arrive at some point will help you be prepared for it. I will explore two scenarios ? both equally daunting.

Scenario One

You may have had great reviews in the past, but now you have a new release and you think it is your best work yet so you think it should equally receive a great review. Your editor agrees. Much to your chagrin, when you click on the reviews for your would-be magnum opus, you are shocked to see the only review you have is from a one-star troll, telling everyone they hope you have not quit your day job!

Oh, the horror!

It happens! This scenario actually happened ? to me! Well, as time went on, I got many other reviews, notably one stellar review from a famous review site. That review negated the negative comments the first reviewer issued. This reviewer claimed I had a ?Masterful use of humor? when the first one-star reviewer stated, ?The only thing funny about the entire book was her title.? Yikes. As they say, ?the proof is in the pudding,? and my book became an award-winning best seller!

Not everyone is going to like your books. I know a famous author who told me that he still goes on Amazon and looks at his reviews, even though he?s sold approximately 100 million books and is critically acclaimed!

As writers, we understand that our writing will be critiqued and judged. However, it?s hard to imagine walking into someone?s place of business and telling him or her everything they are doing wrong.

Scenario 2

I know a New York Times? Bestselling author who had a hit right of out the gate! That is our dream, right? However, this highly acclaimed author is so terrified that the critics will hate the next book; therefore they haven?t written a manuscript in years!

I could debate which scenario is worse but my point is to keep writing! Your literary evolution will be evident as you compare your early work to your current work. Don?t worry about what other people might say, write what makes you content, because a writer is always their own best critic!

Angelina Assanti is a best-selling?author, FAPA President’s Book Awards medalist, a cancer survivor, and the President-Elect of FAPA.

In Publishing? In Florida?

The Florida Authors and Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, independent publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry.

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