Ginger Marks Releases Mia’s Reflections

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Member Updates

Ginger Marks captures the heart of a young girl who learns that beauty is not just a pretty face, but rather a giving life. Anticipating a new school with no friends, where she feels alone and ugly, young Mia prepares for her first day. She steps near her Grandmother’s old Cheval mirror and there she senses her mama reaching out to her. “You’re not ugly,” her mama says. “You’re beautiful.” And she traces all the beautiful services Mia performs in a day. At last her mother appears in the mirror to give a fresh look at Mia’s loveliness. Followed by Parent/Teacher resources, this book will fill a young girl’s day with thoughts of love and kindness. 

Ginger Marks
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Ginger Marks

DocUmeant Publishing

Born in Lansing, Michigan Ginger Marks moved to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in 1978. She began her career as a business owner in partnership with the medical profession. Marks owned and operated a multi-million dollar surgical facility for 23 years with her late husband. After his passing, Ginger’s drive to succeed led her to become a Financial Advisor while working on the side, for her own purposes, in the field of design with the founding of Graph Inc., which eventually became DocUmeant.

Her love for writing and design has been the catalyst for her successful career in the publishing area. Coming from a family of published authors and speakers, it was no surprise when she, herself, embarked on the writing journey.

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