Enhanced Edition of Golden Skye of Ansgar Released

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On November 3, 2017

Enhanced Edition of Golden Skye of Ansgar Released

by Nov 3, 2017Member Updates

This is the second edition of the middle grade fiction novel “Golden Skye of Ansgar” from the epic fantasy book series, the Windflower Saga, and also includes a non-fiction short story about the rescue of the real Percy the Parrot, after whom a fictional bird character is named, from animal hoarders and his learning to fly after living only in a cage for the first ten years of his life.

Set in a medieval-like world, “Golden Skye of Ansgar” is a short middle-grade story based on characters from the epic fantasy novel “Of Wisdom and Valor: The Art of War. The Path of Peace.” (Part II of the Windflower Saga trilogy). It features a royal family with young children aged from toddlers to twelve years old, their friends, and their animals including horses, ponies, a dog, a cat, and three parrots.

Golden Skye is the name of a beautiful golden warhorse mare sent to Queen Keridwen as a gift. In the stable of the Royal Palace, she makes many new friends. Everyone liked her. She was gentle yet brave, calm yet strong, playful yet ready to work hard. Whenever her friends needed help, they knew they could count on her, and Skye becomes involved in several adventures.

This book introduces young readers to the characters of King Leofric and Queen Keridwen, the protagonists of “Of Wisdom and Valor” at a stage in their lives when they have only their youngest children at home, and are themselves becoming grandparents for the first time. The story takes place over a four year period, and the older children are sixteen years old by the end of it and ready to embark on their young adult lives. The story gives examples of family and friendship, the care of animals, and qualities of patience, steadfastness, and courage.

This edition differs from the first edition in size (8″x10″ rather than #6×9″), format (color rather than black and white), additional illustrations, and the addition of the short story “Fly, Percy, Fly!” which tells the true life story of Percy the parrot, for whom a fictional parrot character in “Golden Skye” is named.

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Aleksandra Layland isn’t a fiction author by trade or training. She’s a retired engineer and federal civil servant. In her twenties she dreamed of a love story, but could never put pencil to paper (yes, that was before computers). Finally, in her 60s, she wrote it. The Windflower Saga. A trilogy of epic fantasy novels, 8 related novellas, and 4 books for younger readers. It’s the only story she will ever tell.

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