Checked out the IBPA Podcast yet?

Checked out the IBPA Podcast yet?

by Aug 28, 2018Publishing Industry

Have you checked out the new bi-weekly podcast, “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA),” which features opinion leaders and innovators from all aspects of the publishing industry?yet? Here is an over reposted from the IBPA website:

A world where every independent publisher has the access, knowledge, and tools needed to professionally engage in all aspects of an inclusive publishing industry. That?s the vision of the Independent Book Publishers Association, a not-for-profit membership organization with over 3,000 members, making it the largest publishing trade association in the US. Now, IBPA is making its voice heard in a new podcast series that takes listeners inside independent publishing.

Inside Independent Publishing?features opinion leaders and innovators from all aspects of the publishing industry. Host Peter Goodman holds his own on a range of topics ? from printing to marketing ? given his background as the publisher and founder of?Stone Bridge Press?and his longtime service as IBPA board chair.

“It beats sitting at my desk and staring at manuscripts all day long,” Goodman admits jokingly. “Actually, it?s very energizing to talk to people with different points of view. For all of us, working in small-scale environments sometimes gets a little shopworn, [as we’re] recycled through the same filters time and time again. So being able to speak with people from different parts of the industry who have different perspectives on things is very invigorating.”

A dozen episodes have appeared so far in the bi-weekly series, which launched in April 2018 at the annual?IBPA Publishing University?conference.

Of his new role as podcast host Goodman says, “I?m very aware that I have to keep my own ego in check. I have opinions about many of the things that guests are talking about, but it?s not necessarily my place when they?re presenting their exposition to disagree or take them in a different direction.”

To subscribe to “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” use any of the following links:

In Publishing? In Florida?

The Florida Authors and Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, independent publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry.

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