Meet member Janet Shawgo, author of Archidamus

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On October 4, 2017
Janet Shawgo

Meet member Janet Shawgo, author of Archidamus

by Oct 4, 2017Member Updates

Janet Shawgo
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Janet Shawgo

2017 FAPA President's Book Awards Silver Medalist for Mystery

Janet Shawgo lives in Galveston Texas, but over her twenty plus years as a travel nurse, her life has crossed the United States.? Being a nurse for over thirty-three years, most of those in Labor and Delivery has assisted her writing.

She starting writing in 2009 and has five books published to date.

Her Look for me series has some thirty awards and acknowledgments. Janet has added some interest to her stories from her own travels. Research and actually putting feet on the grounds helped to bring her stories to life.

Writing is something she loves and wants to spend more time on. There are so many stories running through her mind and she just wants them out on paper for others to enjoy.


?If you are a patient man, all things will come to you.?

Aaron Reece Caydon has repeated this mantra every day of his life since the age of four. He looks into the mirror at the scar running across the side of his face. A furrow begins to grow between his eyes, an anger that takes his mind to a dark and unforgiving place.

A lost memory, revenge, a kidnapping, and a chase around the world will keep you turning the pages on this award winning mystery/thriller. Don?t miss out on Archidamus!

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