Kenneth Lee Johnson Recognized with 2018 FAPA Founders Award

Kenneth Lee Johnson Recognized with 2018 FAPA Founders Award

Aug 21, 2018News

One of the hardest working and most dedicated members of the FAPA board of directors has been Ken Johnson. Ken has been an active board member -? attending the monthly board conference calls, the annual board retreat, the annual conferences, has worked the FAPA booth at BookExpo America in Chicago in 2016, and has chaired the FAPA President?s Book Awards for many years. The Book Awards is FAPA’s biggest and most demanding project.

Chairing the book awards committee is a monumental task that is a year-long process, with a major time commitment for the last three months, leading up to the annual conference. With Ken?s guidance, the submissions and judging process have been streamlined and improved over the years, making it more manageable for future chairpersons. Ken?s patience and perseverance have made it possible for hundreds of authors to?add an award-winner sticker to their?books. Congratulations to Ken Johnson, FAPA’s 2018 Founder’s Award recipient.

Jane R Wood

Past President, Florida Authors & Publishers Association

Ken’s Acceptance Speech

Good evening ladies and gentleman. I am deeply honored to receive this award tonight.

As an author, I am fond of saying two things. The first is, ?All of America?s greatest minds are in Congress…in its library.?

The other thing I am fond of saying is, ?The truth is a three-edged sword.? Now, that takes more of an explanation! There are generally two sides to any situation, which are generally opposing each other, and then there is a lesser seen third side. It is the truth. And, it?s not just convenient to our point of view or one?s stance.

As authors, and also as publishers, our truth is we hold great power. Power, which oft times goes unappreciated. However, to those in need, this power is a wellspring of cogent elucidation.

In the early 1800s, an entire nation learned this when a man, named George Guess, devised a writing system for his people. You see, George was a Cherokee man. So originally George, or ?Pig Foot? as people called him, or ?Sequoyah? in the Cherokee language, worked with his niece in secret. And, he devised this writing system that he called his ?Talking Leaves.? He named it so because he knew he could jot down an idea on some paper and it would travel great distances, it could even travel time, and not be corrupted. In less than fifteen years, the Cherokee people?s literacy rate was higher than the settlers? which surrounded them. He also saved a dying language.

Two hundred years later, things have not changed. Your words and thoughts have power beyond measure! For me, I try to save children from needless incarceration in our nation?s silent war on youth. Others try to give hope to those suffering from debilitating illnesses. Still others just want to urge for a path less traveled. But, most importantly, we urge our readers to dare to dream!

But, where is the power of a dream? After all, it is only a dream! Right?!? I will say this, a dream, written down with a date, becomes a goal. A goal, broken down into steps, becomes a plan. A plan, backed by action, becomes a reality!

We, my distinguished colleagues, are the weavers of dreams and the architects of a better future. We are the light bearers!

Everyday, I am in awe of your collective wisdom and might, and I am honored to be considered among you as a peer. With that said, I will end with a third phrase that is very near and dear to my heart. It is a Latin one, ?Sit lux.? It means, ?Let the light shine.? So with that, I thank you again, God bless, and sit lux my friends!

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