Kimberlee Benart Releases Second Romance Collection

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Member Updates

FAPA member and book awards medalist Kimberlee Benart, writing as Ronnda Eileen Henry, releases her second collection of romances, The Daughters of Penruddock.

Set in the medieval-like “secondary world” of the island continent of Penruddock, The Daughters of Penruddock is a collection of seven romance novellas. The novellas were previously published separately in both ebook and paperback.

The stories are “sweet,” happily ever after tales. Some include aspects of suspense, mystery, adventure, or drama.

The heroines - Emily, Henrietta, Petra, Glenys, Denisa, Devyn Rose, and Fiona - come from different levels of Penruddian society, depending on the occupations of their fathers - beekeeper, diplomat, forester, cartographer, castellan, innkeeper, and navigator. Most are young when they find their romance; one is a widow with a teenage son. Several of the protagonists challenge the narrowly-defined roles of women in their society, usually through education or training they received from their fathers. Several exhibit bravery in the face of danger.

While some stories relate to characters in the preceding FAPA Silver Medalist in Romance collection, The Flowers of Penruddock, the stories in this collection stand alone.

The heroines exemplify various positive character traits, such as lovingkindness, intelligence, patience, steadfastness, determination, perseverance, and courage.

These romance stories are enjoyable by both adult and young adult readers.

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