Meet Deb Burggraaf, FAPA Featured Member May 2017

by | May 15, 2017 | Member Updates

Deb Burggraaf
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Deb Burggraaf

Retired middle school teacher, author of 11 children's books and winner of three FAPA Book Awards

Now a retired middle school teacher of twenty years and with 11 published children’s books and three FAPA Silver Medals, I now frequent the east and west coasts reading to students in classrooms, promote the love of Literacy at museums and store fronts and present to many public venues the value of writing in our lives.

FAPA has supported my effort to get great books into the homes of families coast to coast.  Following two FAPA Silver Medals for FLUTTERNUTTER, wherever I travel and promote my books, I found this Florida state butterfly book always to be in demand.  People tend to purchase this book with the FAPA Silver Medal on the front cover which always increase sales.

For me, my publisher, Steve White, PROTECTIVE HANDS COMMUNICATIONS, Riviera Beach, Florida and I have never left our original focus from the start of making books together–write great stories for children and get these books into the homes of families.  With this philosophy, I just knew that the sales would come.

My best promoting strategy is my personal connections with the right person at each site.  For each place I visit, my motto has been, “make sure that your are welcomed back.”  On the other hand, my weakness is setting time aside to update my technological profiles.  Still, if possible, I wish I could give a piece of my “real life” to all of the contacts globally, as I still feel this would be even more successful than continual posts and updates via the Internet.  Perhaps one day in the future, our societal growth will make this plausible.

This past week while in San Diego, I have been at Libby Elementary in OCEANSIDE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, at the 78 ROTARY CLUB donating books for auction and giving free books to families at Open House with the LATINO LITERACY NOW! organization at Foothill Oaks Elementary in the VISTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Upon my return to the west  coast for the month of June 2017, I will be at the San Diego Fair in La Jolla, California reading four children’s books at the K-6 Student Curriculum Showcase, as well as participating in “Literacy Day” for Educators, providing them with a journal, first book, ALL ABOUT ME, for their classrooms.  Likewise, I hope to return to Libby Elementary, assisting the principal, Mr.Mora, with the Writer’s Workshop for his Summer School Program.

True, I am busy!  However, it has been a dream come true to promote and believe in the writing process and sharing my stories coast to coast.  This passion comes out during my presentations and I can only thank FAPA for recognizing my children’s books, as well having the opportunity to be a member of such an outstanding organization.

Lastly, my books are available at amazon, as well as, where pdf lessons for each of my books are available for parents and educators.


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