Meet FAPA Member Aleksandra Layland, Author of the Ansgar Treasury

by | Jun 3, 2017 | Member Updates

Aleksandra Layland
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Aleksandra Layland

Two-fingered typing made it a challenge, but the saga insisted on being written ...

Aleksandra Layland isn’t a fiction author by trade or training. She’s a retired engineer and federal civil servant. In her twenties she dreamed of a love story, but could never put pencil to paper (yes, that was before computers). Finally, in her 60s, she wrote it. The Windflower Saga. A trilogy of epic fantasy novels, 8 related novellas, and 4 books for younger readers. It’s the only story she will ever tell.

A young man, dressed only in the robe of a monk, wanders alone in the southern Wastelands of Kimbria, searching for the remnants of an indigenous people on the brink of extinction. He’s come to help them, but instead finds himself near death and losing consciousness… until he opens his eyes and sees her… a woman unlike any he’s ever seen before… a chief and leader of her people. She’ll save him from death, and quietly captivate his heart.

He’ll defy the conventions of the time and marry her, revealing his true identity, and together they will found a family that will change the future of Kimbria forever.

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