Meet FAPA member Paul C. Thornton, winner of the North Street Book Prize

by Jul 4, 2019Member Updates

The Joy of Cruising is Paul C. Thornton second book. He considers it a labor of love given his burgeoning passion for cruising, and the enjoyment he got out of interviewing, writing profiles about, and sharing the stories of passionate cruisers from all over the world.

The Joy of Cruising is a stark departure from his first book, White Man?s Disease, a ?gripping and inspiring? award-winning memoir about Paul?s ?harrowing? brush with death, his journey of recovery from a traumatic event, and ultimately liberation from a 30-year old ?curse.?

Yet at the heart of both books is passion, and how passionate people do wondrous things.

Originally from New York City, Paul is a university administrator who lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife Cheryl, and considers cruising with their grandkids life?s ultimate escape.

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The Joy of Cruising

The Joy of Cruising?is about passion.The Joy of Cruising?is an anthology that takes a look at the magic of cruising from the vantage point of travelers passionate about cruising and the many ways cruisers act on their passion.?Award-winning author Paul C. Thornton profiles travelers?from all over the world with a passion for cruising and who act on that passion in creative and fascinating ways. From millennials to 90-something?s; from a Grammy award winner, Poker Hall of Famer, winner of the TV series Last Comic Standing, cruise ship Godmother, to ?ordinary? cruisers doing extraordinary things,?The Joy of Cruising?will?fascinate anyone who has ever cruised, aspires to take a cruise, or just loves travel.?

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