Meet Member Al Perrin, author of Ordinary Heroes

Written by John Farrell

On February 3, 2017
Al Perrin

Meet Member Al Perrin, author of Ordinary Heroes

Feb 3, 2017Member Updates

Al Perrin
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Al Perrin

Freelance Author

Al Perrin has been writing ever since he was in school?writing essays assigned by the teacher; writing a thousand times on the chalkboard that he?ll pay attention in class; and forging tardy passes with his teacher?s name on them.

He continues to write today as a freelance author contributing articles to RN Magazine, Grand Rapids Magazine, The Grand Rapids Press, The Tampa Tribune, and Psychiatric Nursing textbooks.

He was selected by acclaimed author Marie Bostwick as one of the top ten authors in the Florida Writers Association?s Collection Contest for 2015. His story, ?The Human Singularity,? is published in Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 7, Revisions: Stories of Starting Over.

He has a wide range of outside interests, including photography, backpacking in Michigan, horseback riding in the Rockies, camping in Yellowstone, snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, and playing on nearby Florida beaches with his grandchildren. He also enjoys flying, fishing, sailing, and building computers. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, he?s had a wide range of hands-on nursing experience, including Med/Surg, Emergency Room, O.R., Psychiatrics, and ICU. For the last 16 years he?s been a hospice nurse making home visits to terminally ill patients.

He?s written three books: Many False Prophets Shall Rise, The Sloop John B, and The Onion, all published by

Five ordinary Americans pool their extraordinary talents to pull off the most desperate rescue mission the world has ever seen. Can they rescue the President of The United States from ISIS in time and prevent WWIII? Can they overcome their own personal feelings and rescue a man they all have reason to hate?

Ordinary Heroes is an exciting tale of courage and self-sacrifice that will keep you engrossed in suspense until the very last page.

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