Meet Member Amy Sweezey

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On July 11, 2017
FAPA member Amy Sweezey

Meet Member Amy Sweezey

by Jul 11, 2017Member Updates

Amy Sweezey
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Amy Sweezey

Award-winning Broadcast Meteorologist and mom of 3

Amy Sweezey is an award-winning Broadcast Meteorologist and mom of 3. For more than 20 years, she has delivered daily forecasts on television and spoken to countless groups of children about weather.

It Never, Ever Snows in Florida is Amy?s first children?s book which tells the story of AJ, who lives in Florida and has never seen snow. Her second non-fiction book, Let?s Talk Weather, TV Forecasting: Behind the Scenes, explains the science behind the forecast and the tools Amy uses for predicting weather changes.Target release date: November 2017.

She lives in Central Florida with her family.

AJ lives in Florida where it never, ever snows. He dreams of a day when he can build a snowman, or wear warm boots in the winter like other kids. AJ soon learns he can?t say ?never? when it comes to weather. Just because he hasn?t seen any, doesn?t mean it never snows in Florida.

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