Meet Member Chris Tozier, author of the Olivia Brophie Series

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On January 23, 2017
Chris Tozier

Meet Member Chris Tozier, author of the Olivia Brophie Series

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Chris Tozier
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Chris Tozier

Author of the Olivia Brophie series

Christopher Tozier was born in Dothan, Alabama and subsequently lived in northern Maine, a Connecticut suburb, a sand county in Wisconsin, and multiple regions in Florida. His long list of jobs include movie projectionist, lifeguard, lobster fisherman, website designer, tour boat operator, property appraiser, lawn care, database administrator, book binder, teacher, mailman, cardboard box folder, and finally IT management (not necessarily in that order). Today, Christopher happily lives deep in the sand pine scrub between Paisley and Cassia, Florida.

He is the author of the award-winning, middle-grade Olivia Brophie series. He was awarded a 2011 Individual Artist Fellowship for Poetry from the State of Florida and his book of poetry A Little Book of Light History was published by Yellowjacket Press. Christopher’s newest book, Olivia Brophie and Aristotle’s Lantern is the third book in the Olivia Brophie series. It is published under his imprint Hontoon Press and will be released in March 2017.

Olivia Brophie and Aristotle’s Lantern

Having lost the Pearl to the evil Cult of Wardenclyffe, Olivia must face life without the most powerful device in the universe. Pursued by the paparazzi in their quest to get the true story of the Bear Girl, she must learn to trust and rely on other people if she is going to rescue her brother Gnat and best friend Doug who are lost in ancient Florida; never mind finding her missing parents or ending the environmental catastrophe she caused.

Hospitalized with mysterious pains, Olivia meets Nigerian-born Abiona, a math-whiz with a deep secret. Together with fun-loving Terrilyne, they decide to release the Bobwhite witch from her frozen tomb in the hopes she can restore everyone?s lives back to normal. What they unleash is beyond anything they could have imagined. Confronted by the true power of the Pearl, Olivia must make a choice that will alter the direction of the earth and her future.

Learn more about the Olivia Brophie series here!

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