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Richard Ballo
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Richard Ballo

Writer, speaker, and father who is dedicated to helping others overcome and heal grief

Richard Ballo is a writer, speaker, and father who is dedicated to helping others overcome and heal grief. He understands grief intimately after having lost his wife Lisa to cancer at the age of 38.

He is the author of the award-winning book Life Without Lisa and The Heart of Grief Relief Journal.

Rich has appeared on Fox TV news and more than 50 local and national radio programs. He is a popular speaker for Hospices and people who are interested in learning about healing from grief. Rich and his work have been featured in newspapers and magazines across the U.S.

Rich lives in Florida with his wife Terri, their blended family of kids and grandkids.

Bullets & Babies is the true story of Janice Riddle, a 32-year-old mother of four, who was shot and paralyzed by her husband Ron. Six months after the shooting Janice returns home in a wheelchair to face her four children, her parents, and her husband. The kids are scared, the parents demanding, and Ron’s guilt kicks in and he starts drinking and abandons Janice and the kids. How can she live with no job, no income, no husband, and 4 kids under the age of 16? Her choices are few, and her decision will affect everyone she knows.

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