Meet new FAPA member Don Collins

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On May 30, 2019

Meet new FAPA member Don Collins

May 30, 2019Member Updates

Don served in the U.S. Army with the 716 Military Police Battalion and the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam during the 1968 TET Offensive. He is also a retired NYPD investigator and a former licensed private investigator operating in the five boroughs of New York and the surrounding counties.

Don and his wife moved to Florida in 1991 and for the following eight years he was the Chief Fraud Investigator for the Home Shopping Network which is based in St. Petersburg. They have four grown children and twelve grandchildren.

Don received a bachelor?s degree from the New York Institute of Technology and followed up with graduate level studies at CW Post College.

Since 2012, he have written and self-published thirteen detective novels in three separate Series featuring New York settings:

From the Newberry Files
? Old Watchdogs
? Diamond Dogs
? Murder on the Dunes
? Final Punishment
? Stolen Ashes
? Keeper of the Stones
? The Doughboy Murders
? Murder at Hell Gate Bridge
? A Witness to Murder

From the Marquette Mysteries
? Chasing the Messiah
? Gift Horse

From the Litchfield & Danski Novels
? The Face in the Basement Window
? While Everyone Was Sleeping

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While Everyone Was Sleeping

?The Police have given up,? Susan Whitlock complained five years after her four-year-old-son was kidnapped from her Upper East Side apartment while she slept soundly in her own bedroom fifteen feet away. ?Nobody?s looking for Jake, anymore,? she told friends and anyone who would listen. She begged Cold Case Detective Steve Danski to investigate, calling him the best detective in the city. She held up a six-month old newspaper and slapped her hand against a byline at the top of the page. ?You did it once; you can do it again.? Danski didn?t need to read the story. He knew she was talking about the Barbara Weinstein case.


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