Meet new FAPA member Praba Soundararajan

Written by John Farrell

On September 30, 2019

Meet new FAPA member Praba Soundararajan

Sep 30, 2019Member Updates

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Praba Soundararajan is a neuroscientist turned children’s book author of a STEM series. He is also a patent specialist who gets to develop his ideas and inventions every day. As a father and an educational entrepreneur, Praba has spent his life innovating and tinkering on the best way to create story platforms to teach STEM concepts for Pre-K through elementary aged school children. Praba is also the Founder and CEO of BOON-dah, LLC, an educational company whose mission is to grow and nurture a child’s creativity and curiosity through the integration of imagination and science. Boon-dah books strive to provide accurate representation of STEM concepts through storytelling to make learning fun.

Praba created Pumpus and his pals to motivate children to look at their world differently by giving them the information and tools necessary to build their own simple machines. With this seed of knowledge planted- he hopes to inspire them to create new solutions and to give them the confidence to tinker with the world around them. He is a firm believer in a child’s ability to learn new concepts through experimentation and hopes to inspire them to become the next generation of scientists and inventors who will transform our lives and the world all around us.

Praba launched his first book of a STEM series in October 2015, titled Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea!, one of the most popular book of the series. Pumpus the Pumpkin loves learning about science and inventions. In this adventure Pumpus and his pals are excited to go camping on Halloween; but when they realize they forgot something, Pumpus must use book of inventions to solve the problem.

Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea! has been reviewed and recommended by the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA). In addition, the book has been a honorable mention at the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Awards. Further, the book has also been reviewed by Midwest Book Review and noted:  It is a short tale that highlights innovation and creative thinking while introducing scientific principles.

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