Meet new member and 2018 FAPA Silver medalist Enrique de la Espriella

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Hi, my name is Enrique and I am a fine artist and designer working in different mediums.  I was born and raised in Panama and immigrated to the United States in 1989 to pursue my dream of becoming an artist, a wish that came true in 1994 when I was hired at The Walt Disney Company.  I am presently a Design and Brand Manager responsible for strategic marketing design and branding.

I’ve always been interested in anything artistic and knew that one day I would write a book, specifically a story about growing up in Panama with my brother Luchi.  It took me forty years to be emotionally ready to put words on paper, three years for the project to be completed, and many more months after to design the publication and marketing that included a website and social media posts.

II released SUN NIGHT: a memoir in January 2018 and received the distinguished FAPA President’s Book Award silver medal in the autobiography/memoir category in August 2018.

My upcoming projects include the second part of SUN NIGHT and another book about the design industry and where I share must-do’s to be successful in any creative career.  Learn more about SUN NIGHT at or about my design/art work at

What happens in your room when the lights go out at night?

SUN NIGHT is the story of two brothers that told each other stories at night.  The darkness of their bedroom invited the prospect of vivid journeys to far and magical places.  Their room transformed into a vessel powered by their imagination and the reality of their lives.

SUN NIGHT considers what is fantasy and reality, light and dark, good and evil, life and death.  It is magical, hauntingly supernatural, visually breathtaking and incredibly real.


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