Meet new member and FAPA Gold medalist Deborah Gomer

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On September 12, 2018

Meet new member and FAPA Gold medalist Deborah Gomer

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Deborah Gomer is an oncology nurse, case manager, and health coach who has been in practice for over 25 years. She is also a cancer survivor who values the extraordinary power of the mind and body. It has become her mission to share her knowledge and experiences to help others take charge of their health. She has been invited to speak to healthcare professionals and the community and has contributed articles to publications for cancer survivors. The By-Your-Side Cancer Guide: Empowered, Proactive, Prepared is her first book.

When not at work or writing, Deborah enjoys yoga, gardening, and visiting outdoor markets. She is grateful to live in beautiful St. Johns, Florida, where she can practice yoga on her stand-up paddleboard. Her happiest moments are those spent laughing with her husband and two children.

The By-Your-Side Cancer Guide

Empowered, Proactive, Prepared

By Deborah Gomer, BSN, RN, OCN, CCM, CHC

2018 FAPA Gold Medalist | Health & Fitness
2018 FAPA Silver Medalist | Reference

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, life becomes a roller coaster of overwhelming questions and emotions.

Deborah Gomer knows the feeling. She is a cancer survivor and an oncology nurse. Having been the patient and caregiver, she understands the need to take control of that roller coaster. In THE BY-YOUR-SIDE CANCER GUIDE, Deborah walks you through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond with honesty and understanding. As a certified health coach, she provides the tools you need to find your inner strength and navigate your journey.

Deborah addresses the role of nutrition, spirituality, and mindfulness as she digs deep into the tender topics that aren’t often discussed. She provides a catalog of resources, as well as:

  • Information on sexuality and intimacy issues
  • Tips for addressing advanced directives and cancer recurrence
  • Strategies for managing depression

THE BY-YOUR-SIDE CANCER GUIDE will empower you to take control of your cancer and prepare you to be proactive. It will become the resource you keep by your side.



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