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Loren Colden

Hello fellow fans of the written word! I?m Loren Colden (pen name), an author out of St. Augustine, Florida, one of our nation?s most haunted cities. Ironically, I grew up in a haunted house located in Alexandria, Virginia. My current book actually begins in woods which surrounded the home at that time. I?m not sure if I would have grown into adulthood believing in ghosts and the paranormal had I and my family not experienced what we did. But that tale is for a future novel!

My interest in reading began in 5th grade when my English teacher spent the year reading C.S. Lewis? collection of The Chronicles of Narnia. I was fascinated and hooked. My writing journey began in 7th grade when my track coach (who was also my language arts teacher) provided inspiration by instructing the class to write individual fictitious stories. A love of writing instantly took root and continued to grow into a passionate hobby. I plan on polishing that young adult story at some point. Interestingly, I later learned from watching Emily Bronte?s Wuthering Heights that the story I wrote in 7th grade eerily mimicked the plotline.

Fast forward into high school, I continued writing short stories and a ton of poetry. I entered and won a statewide contest with two of my poems placing second and third. In college I began reading at open mic nights. One January I was a featured poet and received a standing ovation which became my affirmation that writing was a part of my destiny. The love for writing remained (thank you inner MUSE!) even though reality of life and finding a ?real? job pulled me away for (sometimes lengthy) bits of time.

My first career choice post college was to help women after I encountered an abusive relationship prior to graduation. I became a counselor to victims of domestic violence. It was there I met my first author friend who planted the seed of writing what I knew about. So I did by writing a non-fiction under my former name. I knew I wanted my first book to help people with education and empowerment. My website has a synopsis and examples of poetry and the chapters:

I learned from that project that perseverance is the key to success. I had worked with two agents and had a stack of rejection slips because at that time (late 90?s) the problem was still an unspoken epidemic. I placed the book on a shelf until realizing I wouldn?t accept it sitting there. I found a publisher in 2014 who accepted it (10 years later after the shelf placement), and although I?m no longer working with them, I have continued to spread the word through the many copies I purchased for my own to sell.

In 2015 after instructing a yoga class, the current book hit me like hurricane. I was driving and spotted a black shoe in the median. As luck would have it, the traffic and stop lights adjusted themselves to allow me an illegal U-turn, then stop in the middle of the road without offending anyone, and snap a picture of that shoe with my cellphone. Thoughts immediately came. How many times have we seen abandoned shoes along a road or highway? How often have we wondered who it had belonged to and how it got there? Each of those shoes has a story!!! So the birth of ONE BLACK SHOE came and entered existence.

In my first fiction novel I explore the life of a detective as it parallels that of a mysterious woman. The story hints at our search for stability in a world of uncertainty, our desire to love and be loved. It reveals the longing for connection, the reality of disconnection, and uncovers the workings of a serial killer?s mind. The book is both satirical and comical, a unique blend of darkness and light. The chapters are short since our lives are so busy. There are several underlying threads which alternate through the story, which keeps it turning at a fast pace. So far readers have given positive reviews. There are two covers even though the story remains the same. One cover is the mysterious black shoe from the picture I took. The other is darker in nature displaying a couple subtle hints into the story.

If you enjoy reading books from the suspense/thriller/horror genre categories, pick up a copy of ONE BLACK SHOE for your reading pleasure! Personal & signed copies are available by writing to: The book is also available in print and e-book-

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