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My name is Rachel Strnad. I was drawn to freelance editing in college as a way to both feed myself and still work with stories. I finally started my own editing business about three years ago when my husband and I moved to Florida. Since then, I?ve worn many hats in the publishing industry and worked with comic book authors, biographers, and children?s authors. Currently, I?m on the production team for Clowns of America International and the International Brotherhood of Magicians? magazines.

My passion is science fiction and fantasy, however, and I hope one day to both edit and publish mostly in those genres. My husband and I have produced an anthology under our own self-publishing company, Serpent and Dove Speculative Fiction, and we?re working on re-releasing his novel.

When I?m not editing or hashing out story ideas with my husband, I?m usually running after our eleven-month old and trying to keep the house from exploding

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Silent Screams

There is a kind of horror we read for thrills; the horror of trick-or-treat costumes, theme park haunted houses and drive-in monster movies. This is safe horror, it isn?t real, it?s easily forgotten.

But there is a kind of horror that is anything but safe. This is the horror of kidnappings, of school supply closets with the jock who?s too strong for you, of the empty refrigerator and weeks till your next food stamp, of the husband who views is wedding ring as a weapon. The horror of the defenseless, the victims, the ones we would rather ignore.

Welcome to the world of Silent Screams

Containing twenty-six stories from a variety of fresh voices and industry veterans, Silent Screams is an anthology of dark speculative fiction focused on drawing awareness to the plight of those who are unable to speak for themselves. Simultaneously humane and horrific, each included tale presents a vision of the macabre animated by a beating heart of compassion.

The world?s voiceless victims cry out. If you listen closely enough, you just might hear them.


We are currently transitioning to Ingram Spark; once that?s done, Silent Screams will again be available online.?However, if you would like more information, or are interested in a copy, let me know directly at

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