Meet new member Rhonda Goodall

Written by Kirsten Rangel

On February 27, 2018

Meet new member Rhonda Goodall

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Rhonda Goodall
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Rhonda Goodall

Children's author/illustrator with a very strong passion for kids

My name is Rhonda Goodall and I am a Children’s Author/Illustrator with a very strong passion for kids. I?ve spent a great deal of my life working with kids, working for kids and most importantly, being a Mom and raising kids.

Over the last nine years, I had started writing two books but had been so busy raising a family, that I had never completely finished them. However, after the horrific loss of my Mom three years ago, I decided that I needed to throw myself into my books and see them through. In doing so, I realized what a catharsis writing and Illustrating Children’s Books was becoming to me. I currently have three published books and will have two more out this year. One of which is entitled, “Where’d Grandma Go”, which will help children understand the loss of a loved one as only a child can. The books all have a ?niche? and are intended to help kids realize and deal with different situations in life. I?ve written them in a way that children will enjoy reading them, as well as relate to them.

I refer to my family of books as ?Frizzle and Friends? within which the Frizzle books are an on-going series.? All the books focus on Childhood Discoveries of Happiness, Love, and Kindness.

?Frizzle? is the first book of my Frizzle Series.? Frizzle is an adorable little character living in Happy Town, USA; however, in this book, Frizzle is not feeling so happy.? He is feeling lost and without a family because he knows no one who looks like him.

Frizzle soon learns from his wise friend, Mr. Owl, just how lucky he truly is ? and that in fact, he has a wonderful family and community that love him dearly.

The Frizzle Books are unique and special.? The first two in the series are ?Frizzle? and ?Frizzle?s Holiday Treasures?. Both are available on Amazon and at a variety of local stores.? ?Frizzle?s Rainbow in the Clouds? will be out later this year.

Let your children, family, and friends discover Happiness, Love, and Kindness in all my Frizzle and Friends books.

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