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Susan M. Tarrant
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Susan M. Tarrant

Susan Tarrant is a long-time resident of Bradenton, FL, but lived most of her life in the Northeast. As a young teenager, she worked with special needs individuals as a volunteer. She quickly decided that becoming a special needs teacher was what she wanted to do as her career. She was educated at Eastern Michigan University in Special Education. Susan taught special needs children for many years.

She was married to a wonderful partner and father and together they had two daughters. As a stay-at-home mom, she continued to be involved with various organizations that worked with the special needs population.

For a few years, she owned a small retail business that allowed her to stay connected to young people. The business closed when her husband’s career took them to another state. She continued volunteering with young adults and cared for a disabled parent for many years. She was able to work from her home as an employment recruiter. After the passing of her husband, she decided to make the move to Florida.

In Florida, Susan resumed her career as a Special Education teacher.  A new opportunity developed and she became a career counselor at a university for adults seeking to improve their future. Susan continued to help students become employed until she retired.

She has been blessed to touch many lives and now she is fully committed to be a mother and grandmother. Family means everything for her!  Passion for life and being a helpful person led to the completion of this wonderful book. It is from that love and devotion that WoW! What a Trip! has come to be.

WoW! What a Trip! was written to help parents explain to their young child or children a new baby is on the way. The illustrations by a Master Oil Painter and Pastelist show the beginning to ending stages of pregnancy right up to and including the birth of the baby.  The booked was designed to create and develop conversations between the expectant mother and their child to help prepare and have them look forward to being a big brother or sister.

As an example, the first picture depicts two cells in mommy’s tummy. The parent(s) can ask their child what they see in the picture.  Depending on how their child answers, the parent will have the opportunity to explain what is happening during the early stages of pregnancy. The illustrations in the book provide many talking points during the various stages of pregnancy.  Pictures depict cells multiplying, the first evidence of arms and legs, the connection with the umbilical cord, the recognition of fingers and toes, a depiction of the ultra-sound being taking of the new baby, a representation of many possible names, the family getting the family room ready for the new baby, the car going to a hospital, and a picture of the baby born with the family. The book also gives the family a place for relevant photos, a page to record memories of the pregnancy, and access to the author for assistance in helping with communicating the meaning of the illustrations.

The book speaks to the importance of having their child appreciate what is happening to mom during her pregnancy. WoW! What a Trip! should help a young child learn and understand that bringing a new child into their family and the world is all about love.

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