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In November of 2011, Diane established her independent publishing company, HayMarBooks, LLC. She is a multi-award winning author, publishing two fiction mystery novels.

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Diane Harper was born and raised in the small historic town of Lockport, New York. She lived and worked in the area until the age of twenty-three when she began her career as a flight attendant for a major airline. Diane and her husband, Ron, were residing in Jacksonville, Florida when she retired in 2000. In 2011, Diane began her writing career. She has accomplished a lot in a short period. When Diane started in this industry, she knew nothing about writing or publishing a book. She often attended book seminars and conferences to expand her writing skills. “I’ve met many inspiring people along the way who’ve helped me achieve my goals. As a new FAPA board member, I’m in a position where I can assist others with their dreams of becoming published authors.” – Diane

Book Cover 1
Love, Greed and Lie$

Love, Greed and Lie$ is a compelling tale of heartbreak, suspense and family struggles. Rose and Albert must make a heartbreaking choice, which remains a secret for many years. Their decision forever alters the lives of twin babies – Emma Jean and Gloria. Detective Randal explores the mystery of two very different families – each has just experienced a terrible misfortune. He uncovers a sinister plot that causes the twins’ lives to intersect once again — after eighty years.

Book Cover 2
The Lost Twin

The saga continues as twins Kayla and Layla deal with the unexpected suicide of their mother, Alice. Her many years of lies and deception have torn apart their once-devoted family, and she has left behind the twins to deal with her trail of destruction. It is a long and challenging year for the girls. Their efforts to unburden their family and mend the outfall of distrust prove futile, and they find themselves struggling with their devotion toward one another. Feeling the special twin bond between the sisters ripping apart, Layla is compelled to do something desperate to stop that from happening.

Book Cover 3
Jace's Adventure in the Forbidden Forest

It’s the first day of summer vacation. Jace and his best friend, Rocco, are anxious to get to the park to play catch. Their ball accidentally goes into the Forbidden Forest. Jace goes in to look for it, and he gets lost. Two young dinosaurs named Ribney and Ryder are in the forest and help Jace find his way home. But before they do, Jace helps the dinosaurs with a big problem they have!