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I am a tireless researcher, award-winning author, avid reader of history (mostly), former Dept. of Defense consultant, and internationally acclaimed lecturer. Onward & Upward!

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Robert N. Macomber’s credentials are distinctive and diverse. He has earned the prestigious title of Distinguished Lecturer at NATO HQs [Belgium], U.S. Southern Command, and U.S. European Command [Germany]. For ten years, he was invited into the Distinguished Military Author Series, Center for Army Analysis [Ft. Belvoir].

As a prolific author, Mr. Macomber has been the recipient of the Patrick D. Smith Literary Award, the American Library Association’s W.Y. Boyd Literary Award, and a Silver Medal in Popular Fiction from the Florida Book Awards, to name a few.

Mr. Macomber captivates a variety of audiences with storyteller expertise on numerous historical and literary subjects. He is best known for his fourteen Honor Series novels. The newest, Honoring the Enemy released March 15, 2019, and is published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press. It is a story of war and love set in 1898 Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

This is the Honoring The Enemy book trailer link:

When Mr. Macomber is not writing, researching, or on one of his extensive journeys, he lives on Pine Island, on the same SW Florida coast where he grew up. For relaxation, he enjoys sailing among the more remote islands near his home and cooking the exotic cuisines from his novels.

For a unique perspective, check out “Three Song Stories: Biography Through Music”, an NPR podcast by WGCU, Episode 33 [].

Book Cover 1
Honoring The Enemy: A Captain Peter Wake Novel

"Robert Macomber's new novel on the Spanish American War, Honoring the Enemy, is brilliant historical fiction and a must read for Navy fans and students of History and Cuba. It's an exceptionally well researched story of a major historical event and Macomber puts ONI's Captain Peter Wake in the middle of the exciting action ashore at San Juan Hill and at sea off Santiago de Cuba." -- Rear Admiral Tony Cothron, USN (Ret), 62nd Director of Naval Intelligence

Book Cover 2
An Honorable War: The Spanish-American War Begins

"An Honorable War takes the reader on a journey of passion and drama that history often overlooks. With the Spanish-American war as a backdrop, Robert Macomber weaves a great story of not only honor, but action and love."
- James O. Born, best-selling author

Book Cover 3
The Assassin's Honor

"One of the great feelings that come over me when I settle into a new Honor Series novel by Robert Macomber is the sense that I’m in such capable and caring hands. It’s like having an insurance policy against disappointments. And there are none in the 12th installment of this unique and durable series. ... Once again, Mr. Macomber has composed a living, breathing and authoritative maritime story of later 19th century America and its place in a troubled world. Reader, you are in good hands with this writer."
— Phil Jason, PhD., U.S. Naval Academy professor emeritus of English