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William O?Neill Curatolo worked for decades as a biophysicist at MIT and at the Pharmaceutical R&D Division of Pfizer, publishing numerous scientific research articles and obtaining thirty-six US Patents. Since leaving these institutions, he has morphed into a writer of fiction, in the medical thriller genre.

In 2013, Curatolo published his first suspense novel, Campanilismo: Crime and Intrigue in International Biotech. This story chronicles the activities of drug industry physicians, scientists, and businessmen in ethically murky waters in New Jersey, Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysian Borneo. About Campanilismo, Kirkus Reviews said, “A remarkable premise for a scientific mystery….”.

In 2018, Curatolo published Too Many Hats: Herbal Medicine and The Mob, in which the New Jersey underworld interacts with Utah-centered conmen who market bogus herbal medicines. About Too Many Hats, Kirkus Reviews said, “An entertaining and illuminating romp through interconnected and delightfully suspect organizations.” Both books contain an element of Italian-American armchair philosophy about life.

Curatolo also writes quirky non-fiction science-related pieces for Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine.

Too Many Hats: Herbal Medicine and The Mob

By William O’Neil Curatolo

In a light take on the Noir tradition, bad decisions lead down paths to bad ends. Partners in a successful New Jersey Biotech Drug Discovery company succumb to the temptations of extracurricular activities that are ultimately self-destructive,and find themselves in conflict with the underworld, herbal remedy hucksters, the U.S. government, and each other. Mysterious enemies lurk and surprising saviors emerge. Colorful characters appear, including a preppie Mafia Don from Bucks County, PA, and a female sharpshooter scientist from Montana.

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