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by | Jan 8, 2018 | Member Updates

Donna Brown
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Donna Brown

Retired police sergeant and self-published author

I self-published my first book in June of 2017 with wonderful assistance from Storehouse Media Group. I’m a retired police sergeant having served 26 years with the Tallahassee Florida Police Department, 10 spent supervising the Homicide Unit. I’m passionate about my career and those who serve each day, that’s what drove me to write the book. Overwhelmingly, police officers are good but more importantly they are good people. Most people see a badge, behind and beyond the badge is what they need to know, the person. The response to the book has been incredible providing for some amazing opportunities for speaking engagements. My words don’t have the power to change minds but perhaps by offering a different perspective, I can open them. I’m a firm believer that open and honest dialogue is a powerful tool. Volume two is in the early stages.

There is so much more to a police officer’s badge, to any badge that all first responders wear. But that’s what the world sees–a badge. What’s behind and beyond that badge is what people need to know–the person.

In BEHIND AND BEYOND THE BADGE, Donna Brown takes you to those places that few see. She shows you that those behind the badge may wear a different uniform than other occupations, but they too have families. They too pay bills, and they love the communities where they live and serve. Each one faces all that life has to offer, good and bad. They have dreams just like you, and they continue to give even after their law enforcement careers ends. The difference between their jobs and most other professions is that a first responder might not come home from work at the end of the day. Each has lost a coworker who died in the line of duty, someone who may have also been a friend, a family member, or even a spouse, because while others run from danger, they run to it. They do this for you.

So now, open the cover, and meet some of these amazing people!

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