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Meet new member Becky McGregor

Meet new FAPA member Becky McGregor, a writer of family stories. She has published several short stories and recently published her first memoir, A Dream Called Kristy.

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Meet new member Jonathan Givens

I love jokes! And dance, and theater, and circus, and photography, and gummy bears, in fact there’s not much I don’t enjoy. Isn’t life great? And being able to spend my entire life working in the arts is such a gift.

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Basic Color Psychology for Authors

Authors often lack knowledge in the area of color psychology. Not only do they fail to employ the benefits it can provide in their cover design and marketing materials, but they often don’t even realize that color affects their audience.

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Meet new member Claire Ohlsson Geheb

Throughout my life I have developed a passion for history, especially social history. As I learned about the important events of the past, I always wanted to know about the ordinary people and wondered what their lives were like.

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In Publishing? In Florida?

The Florida Authors and Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, independent publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry.