Off The Grid For Love by Rena Koontz Released

Off the Grid for Love by Rena Koontz

Off The Grid For Love by Rena Koontz Released

by Nov 1, 2017Member Updates

FAPA member and 2017 FAPA President?s Book Awards Silver Medalist Rena Koontz has released her latest novel,?Off The Grid for Love,?published by Soul Mate Publishing.

The Loss of All Lost Things

Off The Grid For Love

His undercover survival demands total detachment. She makes that impossible.

Jake Manettia, an undercover FBI agent working a public corruption case, stumbles into an opportunity to infiltrate the city?s largest mob organization. That?s not the only fall he takes after witnessing a bank robbery and meeting the beautiful and spirited teller behind the counter.

Mackenna McElroy is that bank teller. She looks down the barrel of a gun on three different days, and per orders from the robbers, empties her cash drawers. Not only is she the FBI?s prime suspect, she?s the woman Jake falls in love with. He?ll do anything to prove her innocence, including jeopardize his career and risk his life.

He?s either a guardian angel or a stalker, Mackenna can?t decide. Nevertheless, she?s attracted to him. And falling for him. But who is he? She presents him with an ultimatum: Either tell her the truth or get out of her life. Honesty is the only thing Jake can?t give Mackenna. Knowing his true identity endangers both their lives.

Broken-hearted and unable to prove her innocence, Mackenna abandons her hopes for freedom and for a life with Jake. Even though it makes her look guilty, she runs. But the mob is onto Jake and Mackenna runs right into their trap to kidnap her, knowing she is Jake?s Achilles heel. And suddenly, they?re both fighting for their lives. Their survival depends on their trust in each other.

Will they find the love they long for? Or will it be the end of something beautiful?

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Rena Koontz

Rena Koontz

Award-winning journalist turned award-winning author

Rena made a career as a newspaper reporter, whose bylines appeared in two of the country?s top-20 newspapers, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Along the way, she accumulated numerous writing awards including recognition by The Associated Press for writing excellence, and publication in a national magazine, Woman?s World.

But always, tucked in the back of her mind was the desire to write a book. The kind of book that kept a reader up all night, in love with the hero and worried about the heroine. She told her husband she wanted to see her name on just one book cover.

Being married to a retired FBI agent only adds to the pool of story ideas.? And just so you know, he takes credit for the steamy scenes.

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