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Tim Knickerbocker

National Sales Manager

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Books International (BI) is a family run company that has been servicing many different publishing groups and authors from Academic and Scholarly to Children’s and Technical titles. Since 1984 my organization has been offering Worldwide Fulfillment and Warehousing within our 280,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility.

Understanding this need to give the publishers and authors a full Suite of services in order to minimize the handling of a product and increase your titles full potential. BI has acquired a few key companies over these last few years with each company having years of experience in their field. This integration was designed to offer these services to you with true background knowledge not just an additional function.

In 2006 we incorporated Digital front end and Digital book manufacturing to our offerings. Now, after 11 years of successfully offering POD/short run services, we proudly introduce the new expansion of our company. As the digital print and binding platform expands its access from POD to first printings we’ve invested in that technology to offer these services to you. With the new expansion, we now offer the potential to start with a High Quality Digital printed platform at the beginning. Whether your titles have 1/c black, 4/ color or need scattered color interiors throughout the book. You can easily transition your titles from first printings to one-off book manufacturing all in one location. Give you the flexible to control how and when you need to print.

FIRST WRITE offers a full spectrum of services to bring your project from raw manuscript to print and even e-book. We handle all of the critical tasks necessary to create a quality book: copyediting (light, medium, heavy), proofreading, indexing, design and layout, typesetting, cover design, project management, and printing.

Our experienced team handles scheduling, budgets, editorial and page comp services, deadlines, and quality control. We work directly with authors or small publishers in order to deliver the best possible publication.

We can also provide ISBNs and get your book listed on most major sellers, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For all of your e-book needs we provide worldwide e-content distribution to over 90 vendors. Which includes formatting with the most current programs from E-pub 2 to Mobi and beyond.

With the integration of our other divisions like FIRST WRITE we can assist you with Page comp, Editorial and Design and even e-Book which will all be linked into one digital content stream. Giving you access to see the actual final bound book product at the very beginning of its design. With all of our services being connected to a constant workflow we can help you prep, print and ship your titles in a fraction of the time and cost.

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