provides sales and marketing platforms for authors and publishers. We offer cloud-based and self-hosted solutions. The look and feel of your site can be fully customized to reflect your brand. By moving your site to one of our platforms, you can solve tough technology challenges more easily and cost-effectively than you ever imagined.

Publishr Author from is a fully customizable WordPress-based platform for authors that will help them grow their audience and sell their books. It can be deployed as a low-cost, high touch single-page solution or a full solution to support all of an author’s promotional activities and programs. It is fully optimized for the latest in search, social and mobile.  It has an optional cloud-based hosting and support subscription. FAPA members are eligible for savings of 20%!

“Single” Pager

$750 $600

Full Site (up to 10 page)

$1,500 $1,200


$45 $36 (per month)

How to Redeem the Deal

Go to website, fill in the contact form and someone will follow up with you.

John Fleming

John Fleming

Founder and CEO of

Founder and CEO of Outcomelabs &, company builder, marketing and social media practitioner, cleantech advocate, country music fan, stumbling but dedicated parent… 

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