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This option will switch a Professional Membership to a Partner Membership. By purchasing this option, you are agreeing to abide by the FAPA Code of Standards for Partner Members which is described below.

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This option will switch a Professional Membership to a Partner Membership.?


  • Partners are listed in a special section?of the FAPA Member Directory?
  • Receive regular member discounts for FAPA programs
  • Eligible for discounts with FAPA affiliate organizations including?IBPA and APSS
  • Eligible to submit articles of interest within their expertise to be published on the FAPA website and monthly newsletter
  • Eligible to join Facebook FAPA Member Forum and answer author queries and offer solutions
  • Offer exclusive discounts and deals directly to our members on our Deals & Discounts page
  • Opportunity to Include marketing and branding materials in FAPA member SWAG bags (distributed at events)

FAPA Code of Standards for Partner Members?

Integrity: As Partner Members of FAPA, we acknowledge that our goal is to assist authors and publishers to effectively publish and sell books. We will conduct our business in a professional manner which includes fulfilling any promised services and honoring advertisements and agreement terms. We will not spam, oversell, or harass authors to buy our products/services.

Transparency: We will make clear any limitations on our products/services and accurately represent how our products/service compare to others. We remain honest in our service and product offerings.

Value/Pricing: We add value to FAPA authors and publishers commensurate with any fees charged. Our price quotations are accurate, transparent and complete. Pricing is in line with market norms.

Service/Communication: We are accountable for our work. We provide helpful and timely information to authors at all stages of publication and we involve authors in planning and decision-making for key aspects of the process. We provide good customer service and follow-up and facilitate authors to get any ancillary information which we cannot provide.

Community: We have a long-term commitment to FAPA authors and publishers and support the empowerment of self-publishing authors.

Any reported violations of the FAPA Code of Standards for Partner Members may result in revocation of Partner Membership.