2019 FAPA Annual Conference & Book Awards Banquet

The premier educational and networking event for authors and publishers in Florida

Charting Your Course

Friday, August 2, through Sunday, August 4, 2019
Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace

Let FAPA help you navigate through the ever-changing publishing world! It’s time to Chart Your Course. Purchase Your Ticket  Fasten Your Seat Belt and join us for the 2019 FAPA Annual Conference.

Our theme this year is Charting Your Course and our agenda includes speakers who will help you travel along the many paths you’ll take on your publishing journey. These tour guides will share the latest marketing trends, explore legal issues, translate printing and distribution challenges, help you discover the importance of making timely connections, and identify your destination by publishing with a purpose.

We’ve listened to our members and are making this year’s destination more flexible and affordable for you and more profitable for your business. The main conference will be held on Saturday, August 3, and the Book Awards Banquet that evening. This year’s conference fee for members will only be $185 and only $210 for non-members. The Book Awards Banquet fee will be $79 for adults and $35 for children.

On Friday and Sunday, six optional small-group workshops are being scheduled, offering passengers options on side excursions into learning more about specific topics related to the publishing industry. Four workshops will be offered on Friday and two on Sunday. There is a seperate fee for each workshop. This new, flexible approach will let you customize your conference experience to?focus on the topics most important to you and your business.

We are all on this journey together. There’s no need to go it alone, when you’re with FAPA! Plan to spend time getting to know your fellow travelers during the numerous networking opportunities at the conference while enjoying the first-class amenities at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace.

All Aboard!

The Guides

Tara Alemany

Award-winning author, speaker, book marketing consultant and publisher

Richard Ballo

Author, publisher

Nancy J. Cohen

Author of the Bad Hair Day Mysteries and romance with a sciFi/fantasy twist

Ava Doppelt

Intellectual property attorney

Chris Gibson

Author, marketing specialist, speaker

Kathryn Hall Knight

Award-winning author, genealogist, historian, public speaker

Ginger Marks

Designer, author, publisher

Robert Macomber

Award-winning author, lecturer and TV commentator

April O'Leary

Author and President, O’Leary Publishing

Tiffany Padgett

Content Acquisition Account Manager at Ingram Content Group

Josh Persad

Acquisitions Services Assistant Manager, Orange County Library System

Jane R. Wood

Author, educator, speaker


There will be six optional workshops held in conjunction with the main conference focused on key publishing industry topics.

Four of these will be held on Friday and two on Sunday. The fee for each workshop will be $59 for members and $69 for non-members.

Since two workshops run concurrently, you can attend up to three.

Make sure to check out the conference packages for significant?savings if you will attending more than one workshop.

Workshop 1 | Publishing Basics

Ginger Marks | Author, Publisher, Designer
Richard Ballo | Author, Publisher
Friday Aug 2? 02:00-03:30 PM

Award winning author/publisher/designer, Ginger Marks, will help you navigate the path to a well-designed book. Touching on the subjects of cover design and book formatting, you’ll come away knowing what to do and what not to do.

Workshop 2 | Break Out of The Social Media Advertising Fog to Get Noticed and Get Sales!

Chris Gibson? | Author, Marketing Specialist, Speaker
Friday Aug 2? 02:00-03:30 PM

Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon ads can all pay big dividends for authors who understand how to navigate and use them. If you are ready to put them to work for you, this workshop will teach you which social media platforms are best for your book, and how to use them to meet your goals for visibility and return on investment.

Workshop 3 | The Value of Research

Robert Macomber | Award-winning author, lecturer and TV commentator
Kathryn Hall Knight? | Award-winning author, genealogist, historian, public speaker
Friday Aug 2? 04:00-05:30 PM???

Researching Around the World
In addition to researching the facts of your writing project, location research can provide the crucial flavor of the locale for your project. There is no substitute for going there and immersing yourself in the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures of the culture and place. Join award-winning author Robert N. Macomber for a fascinating look at how location research can make a story more vivid and memorable for both the writer and the reader!

How diligent research can shed light on people, places and events in history
While uncovering factual evidence and re-exploring the events of the time, authors can bring new perspective to their narratives. ?Join the international award-winning author, K I Knight, as she takes you through the depths of what is required to discover, dissect, and detail a depiction of some of history?s hidden truths.? Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction!

Workshop 4 | Maximize Your Marketing

Tara Alemany | Author, Publisher, Book Marketing Consultant, Speaker
Friday Aug 2? 04:00-05:30 PM

We all want to sell as many books as possible. But what if you?re missing simple solutions that increase your reach without significantly increasing your time or budget? Maximize your marketing by learning these simple techniques that put your book in front of more readers at the right time and in the right places.

Workshop 5 | Marketing to Schools and Libraries

Jane R. Wood | Author, Educator, Speaker
Josh Persad | Acquisitions Services Assistant Manager, Orange County Library System
Sunday Aug 4? 09:30-11:00 AM

Authors want to know how to get their books into schools. Award-winning author and former teacher Jane R. Wood shares the many strategies she has used sine 2004 to successfully market and sell her books to schools. She?ll discuss how to contact schools, create educational resources for your book, provide positive reinforcement to the schools? curricula, and develop dynamic presentations for an author visit.

Authors also want to know how to get their books into libraries. Josh Persad, with Acquisitions Services with the Orlando County Library System, will share how to have your book added to the Orange County Library System, with suggestions for submissions to other libraries. Attendees will learn about libraries? review processes and how to donate a copies for consideration. He?ll also highlight ePULP, the library?s own digital e-book lending platform, and how it can help authors expand their readership.?

Workshop 6 | Marketing Trends

April O’Leary | Author and President, O’Leary Publishing
Sunday Aug 4? 09:30-11:00 AM

Most authors think that increasing their income means selling more books. But what if I told you that you could make more money selling your book for FREE? In this workshop, April O’Leary, Author and President of O’Leary Publishing, will show you how to leverage each book sale using a simple online tool that almost no one in the writing space is using today. Don’t miss out on this chance to hear what cutting edge strategy successful authors are using to build their brand, create better communities and drive more revenue online. You can do it too!



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