Smart Book Marketing Strategies

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Smart Book Marketing Strategies

by May 19, 2017Publishing Industry

Mark Wayne Adams

Smart and savvy business owners alike have embraced the fact that books open doors. An author is someone who is looked upon as one who knows their subject better than the average guy or gal who hasn?t written a book. Nevertheless, once you?ve written your book, that?s not the end; it is but the beginning of your journey as an author. If you haven?t already done so, now is the time to promote your book and use it to promote you and your business.

So, let?s go over some very basic steps to book marketing that you can and should employ.

Here is the list.

  • Kindle Book Launch Strategy
  • Amazon Author Page
  • Blog Tour
  • eMail Signature
  • Book Trailer/Video

Read the details about each of these below.

Kindle Book Launch Strategy

If your book has been formatted and submitted to Amazon Kindle, you most certainly need to create a Kindle launch strategy. Whether you decide to do this on your own or with the help of a professional, this is one event that could catapult your book to success. Adding the prestige of “Best-Seller” or even better still “#1 Best-Seller” on the biggest bookstore in the world is a noteworthy accomplishment. Believe it or not, it?s really not that hard to achieve.

Start by enlisting Amazon?s helpful KDP Select program. Then, choose three of the five days you are allotted to run your Kindle Free promotion. (You’ll use the remaining two days to re-invigorate your book’s presence later on.) Once that is done, write and submit your press release and start letting folks know when your book launch is scheduled. Gather a few friends and supporters and host a Book Launch ?Watch? Party. Just like the politicians do on election night, make it a grand gala.

DocUmeant Publishing?s VP of Marketing, Chris Gibson, has this to say about the Amazon program.

?In every book launch I have been a part of, a prior marketing plan and strategy has made all the difference from a book being just another title in an overcrowded genre to that of a best seller, often attaining the coveted number one spot.?

?What indie authors and small house publishers have to know is that in the book marketing world, visibility and velocity are very much driven by search terms being correctly applied and managed over time. Amazon has algorithms in place to look at visits, buys, reviews and ratings, pricing, and link popularity to determine what books show up at the top of their pages.?

?This also creates retargeting opportunities for your book (free advertising) to Amazon’s buyers, Facebook, Google etc. … ?and there are millions of people reached in each book category. Think quality, reviews and ratings, some solid traffic to your book links over time, and the sales and all that goes with it will be yours.?

Amazon Author Page

Register at Amazon Author Central ( and complete your Amazon Author page. Once you are signed up, claim your books and complete your profile. You also have the options of adding videos and your RSS feed from your blog. You do have a book or author blog, don’t you? Include your contact information to make it easy for your fans and the media to find you and your book.

Pinterest Boards

Blog Tour

This is a very time-consuming but favorite marketing tool for many authors. Whether you decide to go it alone or hire help, you?ll find Book Blog Tours to be both rewarding and fun. Begin by making a list of blogs that fit your niche and create a spreadsheet you can use to keep pertinent information about contacts with the hosts and any follow-up that you need to do.

Next, write several posts or questions you would like the host to ask about your book and the writing process. Sometimes a blog host will give you a list of questions that they would like you to answer, and other times they leave it up to you?as a radio show or podcast host would do. Be prepared for both eventualities once the blog host has agreed to work with you.

Don?t forget to visit often and answer comments and questions to keep things lively during your Book Blog Tour. Activity and post engagement are what blog hosts are looking for to help their blogs get better Google rankings, so keep that in mind and answer reader comments in a timely manner as you travel the Internet blogosphere.

Email Signature

This is probably the easiest, yet often overlooked thing you can do to market your book. It?s as simple as creating a personalized signature in your email program that automatically gets added to every email you send out. Check your provider’s documentation to see how to set one up. It?s usually a pretty simple and straight-forward process.

Your signature should include your name, your book?s title and subtitle if it has one, and a link to your book or author web page where the recipient can get further information, or where the book can be purchased. If you can, include a small cover image of the book, as that will give an additional incentive to those readers who are attracted to a book by its cover.

Book Trailer/Video

I have purposely left this for last as it could potentially be one of the more expensive marketing strategies for your book. Book video trailers are usable tools that you should include in your marketing strategy when the time is right. They can be as simple as a .gif image that shows you holding your book close to your face to a complete .mp4, professionally edited video. Think ?movie trailer?; that?s the quality you should strive to achieve. Here?s a link to the trailer for my own book, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom. It shows you how professional animation can be used to further enhance your book trailer in order to generate book sales.

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