Writing About What You Know

Writing Process Diane Harper

Writing About What You Know

by Sep 14, 2018Publishing Industry

Writing can be a therapeutic process and an outlet for emotions. Writing what you know can be a way to express creativity, to share a story or share a passion with others. We write a story hoping readers share the same emotion and can relate to what they are reading. All authors have different styles and inspirations, this is mine.

Seven years ago I was going through a troubling situation with my oldest sister, and the stress was making me physically ill. An advisor suggested I write down my thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them bottled up. So I began writing in a journal that I carried with me everywhere. Gradually, I turned my devastating situation into a story exposing the pain and anguish I suffered. My book is written as a semiautobiographical fiction mystery. I changed the core of the family, plus I added several fictional characters. I included bits and pieces of my childhood experiences and created a story base on my grandparents? relationship and life experiences.

I was born and raised in the small historic town of Lockport, New York. Both my award-winning novels, Love, Greed and Lie$?and the sequel, The Lost Twin, are set in my hometown of Lockport. I incorporate the town?s remarkable history into my stories. I took pictures of popular historic landmarks, researched their history and wove the facts into the fictional fabric of the story.

I took time off between my novels to write and illustrate a children?s chapter book series. I wanted to merge my artistic talent with my writing ability. I recently released my third Jace?s Adventure book, Jace?s Adventure at Children?s Hospital, which touches on the subject of type 1 diabetes. My son was diagnosed with the disease five years ago at the age of seventeen. Type 1 diabetes is a misunderstood disease, and I?m hoping to bring a positive, supportive awareness about the attention a child needs when they receive such a diagnosis.

I?ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Writing about what I know helps me envision my story because I experienced it firsthand. I often attend book seminars and conferences to expand my writing skills and keep me motivated. I?m at a place now where I can help others with their dreams of becoming published authors.

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